King of Fighters XIII gets King of Soundtracks pre-order bonus

Atlus’ announced pre-order bonus for next month’s The King of Fighters XIII is a doozy. Spanning four CDs, the immodestly-titled King of Soundtracks ’94-XIII aims to live up to its self-bestowed regal status by collecting more than 100 tracks (101 of them, in fact) from the series’ 15-year backlog of tunes. Here’s a new trailer detailing the sonic collection, so get ready to crank the crunchy MIDI-fied electric guitar to eleven.

Above: Could this package actually comprise the King of Soundtracks? If you’re a longtime series fan, quite possibly

Preorders for The King of Fighters XIII are available for $49.99 from participating retailers now, and Atlus urges anyone who wants the limited-stock CD bonus not to dilly-dally. Presented on a quartet of KoF-themed discs, the soundtrack comes in a vividly-colored slipcase plastered with imagery celebrating the series’ history. That ought to give enthusiasts something to gaze upon while you rip the discs into iTunes before permanently shelving the package somewhere prominent.

Oct 25, 2011

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