Keanu Reeves talks Bill & Ted 3

With Galaxy Quest helmer Dean Parisot newly confirmed to direct, it looks as though progress on Bill & Ted 3 is coming along nicely. Keanu Reeves has taken the time to drop a few new details about what the new film will involve, with our heroes apparently finding themselves “crushed by responsibility”.

“We have a nice story,” said Reeves in a recent interview with GQ . “We’ll see if anyone else wants to make it.” The star was then asked about the various challenges of imagining Bill and Ted as middle-aged men…

“It’s one thing to think about it, but to perform it…” admits Reeves. “One of the plot points is that these two people have been crushed by the responsibility of having to write the greatest song ever written and to change the world. And they haven’t done it. So everybody is kind of like: ‘Where is the song?'”

“The guys have just drifted off into esoterica and lost their rock,” he continues. “And we go on this expedition, go into the future to find out if we wrote the song, and one future ‘us’ refuses to tell us, and another future ‘us’ blames us for their lives because we didn’t write the song, so they’re living this terrible life. In one version we’re in jail; in another we’re at some kind of highway motel and they hate us.”

Plenty of time-travelling antics as ever, then. Let’s hope that little summary piques a studio’s interest, and we get to see the Wyld Stallyns reunited sooner rather than later.

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