How to turn off your PS5

How to turn off a PS5 console might not be your first priority – more likely you want to know the opposite so you can enjoy your new purchase properly – but at some point you’ll need to know how to turn off the PlayStation 5 and reluctantly do other stuff. If you’ve been playing a PS4 the process is a little different to what you’ve seen before, though there’s still a UI option and a manual option separately.

Obviously there’s are physical buttons, with both the power and eject switches almost hidden on that shiny black front of the PS5 – just look down to the bottom half of the console, and you’ll see two thin, pill-shaped buttons. Assuming you’re standing your console vertically, then the power button is the bottom one. If you’re laying the PS5 sideways instead, it’s the button on the right.

But, what if you want to turn your PS5 off with the controller? 


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If you want to turn off the PS5 via the PlayStation software, the option to do that is lurking in the new Control Panel area of the PS5 UI – accessed via a short press of the PlayStation button (rather than the long press you did on the PS4). 

How to turn off PS5

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In the Control Panel, head all the way to the right edge, where you’ll see the rather iconic power symbol lurking. Head over here, and you’ll be given three options:

  • Enter Rest Mode
  • Turn Off PS5
  • Restart PS5

How to turn off PS5

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Obviously there are benefits to opting for Rest Mode, as it’ll allow your PS5 to do tonnes of behind the scenes maintenance, like updates and downloads. But if you want to simply turn it off and stop it from draining electricity, then that’s here too. Sorted!

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