Capcoms Deep Down is an online PS4 game – trailer

The second Deep Down trailer has revealed that the new Capcom IP is an online game. Featuring glimpses of a series of creepy monsters in a subterranean environment, it also suggests there’s a horror element to the fantasy game, which was announced for PS4 in February and runs on Capcom’s next-gen Panta Rhei engine.

The first Deep Down trailer featured a band of medieval journeymen – which seemed to be comprised of the classic holy trinity of knight, archer, and monk/healer – exploring an underground environment before being set upon by a large fire-breathing dragon. It also featured the tagline: “Conquer your fear or die a coward.”

Quite what form of online functionality Deep Down will offer is unclear. Capcom isn’t attending Gamescom later this month in any capacity, but the publisher reportedly said today that it plans to showcase Deep Down at Tokyo Game Show 2013 in September. Capcom said last month that the title has no connection to RPG series Dragon’s Dogma.

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