PUBG designer says the Xbox One version feels “like pretty much the same experience as PC”

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is headed to Xbox One’s Game Preview Program in December (opens in new tab), and developer Bluehole says it will work with players to help build it out from there. If you’re a PC player who wants to give the console version a shot, that message might have you a bit concerned; will the Xbox version of PUBG feel foreign as a result of these changes? According to game designer Brendan Greene, those concerns haven’t been borne out by actual playtime.

“From all the fans I’ve met that have played at the various conventions, they’ve felt it really natural, and it feels like pretty much the same experience as PC,” Greene told us at the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards (opens in new tab). “So they’re very happy with it.”

PUBG picked up two Golden Joystick Awards at the show, one for Best Multiplayer Game and another for Best PC Game. As you may already know, most of the categories at the Golden Joysticks are voted on by the public, including those two – making it all the more impressive that a pre-release game took them home. Greene said it was “surreal” to accept the trophies, but he also saw the accolades as an important message for the PUBG team.

“We take it as a vote of confidence,” Greene explained. “We have a great plan for all we want to do with the game, and yeah, we have our ups and downs, but in general the team are so committed to just finishing the game. And awards like this and the numbers that we see are just kind of a vote of confidence in that. And it really inspires the team to work that much harder.”

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