Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection cross-gen save and trophy transfers detailed

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will carry over your saves and trophies from the original PS4 games, but you’ll have to put in a little legwork first.

The bundled-up duo of PS5 remasters is coming out on Friday, and an FAQ post on Sony’s official page for Legacy of Thieves breaks down the process of taking saves with you from the original PS4 versions, as spotted by VGC (opens in new tab).

The first and most important step is copying your save data over from Uncharted 4 and/or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PS4 to your PS5 through the “Transfer saved data using PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage” method. This means you will need an active PS Plus subscription to complete the transfer process, unless you already moved your saves over before canceling.

From there, you need to launch Legacy of Thieves Collection, pick either game from the menu, then select “Story” and “Import Game from PS4” from the first options that pop up. Then pick out which save data you want to transfer, and you’ll be able to start a new save file for Legacy of Thieves Collection using the saves and trophies you left off on PS4.

If you plan on using your PS4 disc for either Uncharted 4 or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to upgrade to Legacy of Thieves Collection, you’ll need to keep it inserted to install the game as well as every time you want to play. You will get a discount on Legacy of Thieves’ standard price to make the extra effort worth your while.

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves launch trailer debuted over the weekend, showing off some of the upgraded visuals you can find on Nate Drake and Chloe Frazer’s adventures.

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