Life is Strange: Remastered Collection gameplay video shows off even face-ier faces

The first extended gameplay video of Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is out now, with a look at the first time Max manifests her time-manipulating abilities.

The video presents nearly six minutes of uninterrupted game footage, starting at Max’s walk through the halls of her high school, into the bathroom for her fated reversal of Chloe’s untimely demise, and then all the way back through time to Max’s last class.

The environments boast some subtle improvements over the 2015 original, but where the remaster really stands out is with the faces. Characters have been updated to use more expressive facial mocap performances, bringing more life to familiar conversations and cutscenes. The developers also tease “updated and refined gameplay puzzles,” so you can expect it to play at least a little differently as well.

It’s easy to forget now that Life is Strange is a proper franchise with no less than three complete entries from publisher Square Enix, but it started off as a risky and relatively low budget experiment from original developer Dontnod. New developer Deck 9, which also made Life is Strange: True Colors, has put a lot of love into sprucing up the original for today’s players without losing its unique aesthetic.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is set to be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Google Stadia on February 1. A recently delayed Switch version is also planned to arrive later this year.

Deck 9 is also collaborating with Telltale Games on a new series based on The Expanse.

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