Halo Infinite Forge and campaign co-op roadmap delayed slightly

Halo Infinite has delayed its roadmap reveal for adding Forge and campaign co-op.

Earlier this week, Halo Infinite head of creative Joseph Staten gave an update on the two features. Staten said that although the original plan was to update players on the additions of Forge and campaign co-op last month in January, the development team at 343 needs a little more time to get the pieces in place.

Hey folks. In November, I said we’d have a #HaloInfinite update on our Seasonal roadmap, Co-Op, and Forge in January. We need more time to finalize our plans so what we share is something you can rely on. This work is my top priority, and we’ll have an update as soon as we can.February 1, 2022

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Last we heard, 343 wasn’t planning on adding either Forge or campaign co-op for Halo Infinite until at least Season Two. Considering the current Season One concludes in May, this means we’ll be waiting until at least then until either of the proposed features is added to 343’s ongoing game.

However, Forge could be coming even later than that. When Staten originally mentioned this launch window for the features back in November 2021, he said that campaign co-op would be the priority, and Forge would possibly launch with Season Three, well after May 2022.

This means we’ll be waiting a fair while yet for either feature, and in particular for Forge. As per Staten’s original message yesterday though, the development team is obviously hard at work on pinning down an exact launch window for both features, and so we should probably expect another update from 343 relatively soon.

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