Dead Cells mobile version will let you die, learn, and die again on iPhone this summer

Dead Cells (opens in new tab) is one of those “just one more try until you have to drag yourself away from the console” games, so I don’t know how we’re going to deal with it on our phones. Developer Motion Twin has announced that it’s partnering up with indie publisher Playdigious to bring Dead Cells to iOS devices this summer, with an Android version to follow later on. That’s as specific as the release dates are getting for now, but you can head to Playdigious’ site (opens in new tab) to sign up for an email alert as soon as Dead Cells arrives on your mobile OS of choice.

The little bit of gameplay that’s teased in the trailer shows Dead Cells’ mobile version will use a virtual joystick on one side and an array of buttons for all of your abilities and equipment on the other (though the design may be customizable or change entirely). Dead Cells is a difficult game that demands situational awareness and quick reactions – in other words, it’s the kind of experience that’s tricky to replicate with touchscreen controls. Syncing up a gamepad with your phone or tablet could do the trick, but hopefully just playing on your phone will work out well too.

If you’re perfectly content to keep playing on PC or console, you still have more Dead Cells to look forward to in the near future: the Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant free DLC expansion is coming soon as well. It features new levels, weapons, and a giant skeleton king boss who really seems to enjoy himself as he’s ruining your day.

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