Skate 4 release date could be “soon” says EA

Skate 4 will apparently launch “soon,” and will feature user-generated content.

That’s according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, speaking earlier this week during an earnings call. Discussing Use-Generated Content, Wilson saidIt has been at the very center of the Sims for a long time, it’s at the very center of modes like FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team, it’s at the very center at the design of Skate which will be launching soon” (via Tweak Town (opens in new tab)).

Yes, although the new Skate technically is “Skate 4,” it’s actually just called Skate. According to Wilson then, we might not be too far away from finally playing the Skate reboot for ourselves, which is something of a slight surprise, given that we’ve seen zero gameplay footage from Skate 4 since it was first announced back during E3 2020.

At the time, series creative director Cuz Parry and game director Deran Chung revealed the new Skate 4 through a brief video presentation, confirming the game to be in active development. Later that month, EA revealed that the new game would feature “user-generated content,” so the new comments from Wilson about that aspect aren’t exactly a surprise.

Actually, the last time we heard any news whatsoever from Skate 4’s dev team was last year in August, when it was confirmed that the new game would be coming to PC. This makes Skate 4 the first game in the series to launch on PC, as it’s typically stuck to console launches for Xbox and PlayStation devices in the past. Here’s hoping it’s not too long until we can get in on the action.

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