Guild Wars 2: Public beta registrations are open until 6pm Friday

Okay, very quickly so you can get on with this: ArenaNet is now taking signups for the public beta of Guild Wars 2. Until 6PM GMT this Friday, you can head over to the game’s page and register for the trial, which will earn you a placement in one of the game’s upcoming beta events.

ArenaNet had initially teased beta signups for its friends in the press, but says it’ll “aggressively ramp up the size of our beta test events” come March and April – which is where you come in, provided you’re not reading this any more and have already rushed to enter your details at the game’s page. We previewed the game late last year and… well, let’s just say that as your friend and adviser in these matters, we’re confident recommending one more time that you consider just signing up for the beta.

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