Finally! A way to take your dog with you when you play VR

And here we were scared of VR being lonely. Devs StressLevelZero have created a way you can take your trusty canine into VR worlds with you and the result is pretty incredible. Not to mention disturbing when you see a furry pooch be effortlessly transformed into an armoured spiky worm who really likes getting its neck tickled.

While the team is working on a harness, in the video Bandit has a tracker fixed to her collar so that she appears as a Dust Worm in StressLevelZero’s game Hover Junkers. The team also notes that this will come in really handy to make sure you don’t step on your pets while in a VR experience. Take a look at the video below and suddenly the possibilities for your real companions to join you in the digital world are endless. Even if you do end up just playing fetch with a worm.

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