Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips: survive Aurora and take down Jon Bernthal once and for all

If you want to survive Auroa you’ll need a few Ghost Recon: Breakpoint tips. The latest from Ubi is a flawed but fun experience with a ton of things to do across its fictional island. But it’s big and easy to get overwhelmed. How do I get across this titanic map? What’s the best way to approach combat in Ghost Recon Breakpoint (opens in new tab)? What are the best gun attachments? I’ll answer these questions and more with this list of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint tips to help make your playthrough the best it can be. 

1. Get in the chopper

ghost recon breakpoint chopper

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Getting around a huge map like the one in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a pain in the butt, especially when you are just starting out on your mission of vengeance against Jon Bernthal. While you can fast travel to certain spots, like discovered bivouacs, you won’t have many locations you can fast travel to until you’ve explored the map.

The initial exploration is best done by helicopter. Going anywhere on foot or wheels is tiresome as there are enemies every few hundred feet just aching to shoot at you while you mind your own business. There are also plenty of curvy roads, mountain passes, and other natural obstacles that get in the way. Helicopters can be found at most bases and outside your home base so stick to the skies, pal

2. Find safety in stealth

Ghost recon Breakpoint stealth

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Combat is pretty straightforward and forgiving in Breakpoint mostly because the AI isn’t the smartest. The map is broken up into areas filled with different enemy difficulty levels, you’ll wander into some compounds early on and find that you’re outgunned (you’re warned about this in-game). I’ve found that you can still take these areas on by committing to stealth, Solid Snake style. 

Stick to walls, don’t engage with enemy drones as they will alert everyone else and are harder to take down, and eliminate isolated enemies with silenced weapons. Be extra cautious and you should be able to loot most areas without having to grind your level up. It’ll also add a nice challenge to the experience. 

3. Stay put for a damn second

Ghost recon breakpoint cover

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The UI features around your mini map are super helpful for getting a sense of how dangerous the area around you is. You’ll get an indicator if you’re spotted by enemies, someone finds a dead body, or if the enemy has lost your scent. It’s a helpful little feature that doesn’t give away everything, enemies may still be in the next room even though it gives you an all clear, but it does make playing easier.

If you find yourself outnumbered, make a run for another part of the compound and hide out, in most cases you’ll get a “Vanished” prompt that means enemies are no longer actively looking for you. Use that to your advantage. 

4. Don’t be afraid of the grind

ghost recon breakpoint level up

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There are multiple levelling systems in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, including ones for all four classes and your individual level. Complete missions and take out enemies to gain experience and level up. There’s no better feeling than coming back to a camp that you previously couldn’t handle and decimating everything inside. Grinding side missions, completing small miscellaneous takes around the map, and gaining experience make that feeling possible. 

5. Get hydrated at camp

ghost recon breakpoint hydrate

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Bivouacs, or the mini camps you find scattered throughout the map, are useful spots for changing gear, spawning new vehicles, and fast travel. They also offer up temporary boosts that give you better abilities each time you camp out.  

My favorite is the hydration boosts that give you extra energy levels, letting you sprint and climb for longer periods of time. It’s helpful if you want to explore a bit of the map on your own and prevents you from getting exhausted too easily. Look at the prompts when your at camp next time to see the full range of boosts. 

6. Put a muzzle on it

ghost recon breakpoint suppressor

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This is Ghost Recon, for Pete’s sake. If stealth isn’t at least part of your plan then you’re doing it wrong. Breakpoint has tons of great moments where you zero in on a band of goons and take them out silently, either all by yourself or with a squad, so no one hears a thing. 

That’s not possible without stealth. It helps to silence all your weapons, which is easy once you’ve played for a bit. Most guns come with an initial suppressor and other silencers and suppressors can be unlocked throughout the game. They lower your overall damage output but make you much harder to detect. They are worth the additional weakness they bring. 

7. Collect skill points in the field

ghost recon skill points

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Skill points help you unlock the four classes, equipable perks that give you special abilities, and other skill tree unlockables throughout your playthrough. They can be earned through levelling up and found across the map. Just look for the little skill point icon once you’ve infiltrated a compound. They’ll usually be in chests like the one above. 

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