Get a New Nintendo 3DS early with the Ambassador Edition

Do you want one of those New Nintendo 3DS systems but you aren’t content to wait for its retail release? Do you live in Europe? Are you a Club Nintendo member? Do you fulfill unspecified criteria which are not, in fact, related to the original Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program? Then Nintendo may have given you the honor of purchasing its New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition right now.

If all the above applies to you and you have an email from Club Nintendo offering to sell you a New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Bundle for £179.99… then you can go right ahead and buy a New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Bundle for £179.99. Don’t have an email despite years of commitment to the 3DS platform? Well, you’re not alone. You could always hop over to eBay (opens in new tab) where some allegedly selected folks are already offering to sell you theirs as soon as they ship.

The bundles include a special edition white New Nintendo 3DS (not to be confused with the New Nintendo 3DS XL), exclusive Ambassador Cover plates which depict the Japanese kanji characters for ‘Nintendo’ and the classic circled logo, a set of Super Smash Bros. cover plates, and a charging cradle. Selected users have until 11:59 pm UK time on January 12 to make the purchase – after which they’ll just have to wait like everybody else.

Nintendo still hasn’t confirmed when the new handheld systems – which add two new shoulder buttons, a C-stick, a wider 3D viewing angle, Amiibo compatibility, and more processing power to play exclusive games like the Xenoblade Chronicles port – will release in Europe and North America. They hit Japan, Australia, and New Zealand late last year.

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