Deathloop discount and developer event set for this week

Deathloop is getting its first big sale, and it will also bring a chance to try to end or protect the loop against the developers at Arkane Lyon.

The Deathloop Battle for Blackreef event has already kicked off with Bethesda giving out prizes to Twitter users who post using the hashtag #TeamColt or #TeamJulianna through Sunday, October 31. Potential prizes will include Deathloop mousepads, posters, and vinyl records featuring tracks from the game.

Then the discounts will begin on both Steam and PlayStation Store, with Bethesda lopping a cool 34% off of Deathloop’s standard price for a new, temporary total of about $39/£39. The discounts will be available from Wednesday, October 27 through November 3 on PS5, and October 27 through November 2 on PC.

The main event will run from 7 am to 9 am PDT / 10 am to noon EDT / 5 pm to 7 pm BST on Wednesday and Thursday: during those two windows, a whole gaggle of Arkane Lyon team members will start playing online, ready to invade and be invaded.

Head to Bethesda’s official post to see who you should add and where so you can maximize your chances of adding a developer notch to your Fourpounder. Does, um, does everybody else not imagine Colt does that with all the guns he infuses?

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