Deathspank cures evil in The Baconing story trailer

Hothead Games has served up a sizzling new trailer and website for its forthcoming Deathspank sequel The Baconing, revealing the mouthwatering circumstances behind the thonged hero’s latest quest to stoke the greasy, salty and succulent flames of justice.

Crap, I knew I should have had breakfast before writing this…

As detailed on the hot-off-the-grillwebsite (opens in new tab), The Baconing (no Deathspank prefix, apparently) begins with Deathspank trying on all six of the previous games’ thongs of justice out of sheer boredom, thus summoning the evil AntiSpank who can only be thwarted by uncovering the secrets buried within the Fires of Bacon.

The game willfeature over 100 quests, new moves, gear and environments including Rainbow’s End, The Forest of Tomorrow, Barnacle Lake, Hel’s Half Acre and the Forbidden Zone. Deathspank will also be saddled with four new side-kicks, each of which can be controlled by a second player in local co-op mode.

The Baconing is on track to satisfy fans of mindless hack’n slashing this summer as a downloadable title for theXbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

Jul 1, 2011

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