Genshin Impact players hope maintenance continues so they can keep getting free stuff

Genshin Impact’s Animal Crossing-esque housing system, the Serenitea Pot, is approaching its third week in maintenance, and the accompanying compensation from developer Hoyoverse has been so generous that some players hope the teapot stays broken a little longer. 

Ever since the release of update 2.6, the building function of the Serenitea Pot has been unavailable, making it impossible to place or rearrange the objects and characters in your domain. As a token of apology, Hoyoverse has been sending players 5,000 realm currency a week. The third batch of coins arrived earlier today, and there’s still no clear end date for the building maintenance, but that’s good news for some players (opens in new tab)

Ordinarily, you can only earn a maximum of 5,040 realm currency each week assuming your teapot is maxed out. This maintenance has therefore doubled the maximum weekly gains, letting players unlock more furniture blueprints and purchase way more resources from the teapot merchant. You usually don’t have much left after buying out the disposable Resin and ever-important Mora – the two resources I’d generally recommend buying first – but with an extra 5K, you can basically buy out the shop and then some, adding artifact and character XP materials to your cart like you’re impulse-buying online. 

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This bonus has reignited the appetite for teapot changes that would raise the weekly currency cap and make these resources more attainable regularly. Reddit user Barracudabear22 (opens in new tab) said it best: “Being able to buy this many of the teapot items feels amazing. Wish this was possible under normal circumstances.” 

While many players are happily soaking up the extra coins, others would understandably like to see the teapot restored as soon as possible. For one, the passive friendship XP generated for the characters placed in your teapot will go to waste (opens in new tab) if all of them are already maxed out, and since characters are also tied to the edit function still under maintenance, some have run into overcapped friendship while they can’t swap out. Others are simply eager to use the new furniture they’ve unlocked with all those extra coins, but even the most diehard architects and decorators agree that this has been a pretty sweet payout altogether. 

“I hope they don’t fix it until next patch,” reads one heavily upvoted comment (opens in new tab). “I want that free 5,000 realm currency a week. That’s infinitely more valuable than friendship exp. Tons of exp books and artifact levels coming my way.” 

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