Extra game discounts added for Amazon Prime members

Amazon just made its Prime subscription service way more attractive for price-conscious gamers. The online retail giant has quietly enabled extra discounts on “certain video game consoles, accessories, and games when sold by Amazon.com” for Prime subscribers.

You might notice that games like Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) now have a little “Amazon Prime Member Savings” disclaimer under their descriptions. You still have to add the game to your cart and begin the checkout process to see how much you could save – in this case $4.97 – but there it is, on top of whatever other discounts Amazon offers to general customers.

So far the deals seem to range from older releases to pre-orders, with plenty of blanks in between: Prime members get a discount of $6.97 on Splatoon as of this writing, but Batman: Arkham Knight‘s going for full price. Still, it’s tough to complain about unexpected savings, even if you do have to go through the add-to-cart, go-to-checkout rigamarole to see if they’re actually worth your attention.

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