Flight Of The Conchords movie could happen

Bret McKenzie, one half of comedy folk duo Flight Of The Conchords, has stated that efforts are being made to bring the band to the big screen.

Recently, McKenzie has been doing the rounds promoting The Muppet s (having written several of the songs). When asked about an FOTC movie, he responded, “We’re gonna try and do a movie. We just need a story.”

So it’s obviously very early days, but the success of The Muppets will no doubt give him a bit of extra clout when it comes to prepping the big screen crossover.

Flight… started out as a radio show before graduating to TV. After the success of the first series, the second came with much higher production values (but arguably less memorable songs).

Jemaine Clement, the other half of Flight Of The Conchords, seemed to take an early lead in the film race ( Despicable Me , Dinner For Schmucks , Rio , and Men In Black III ), though McKenzie’s slow and steady approach ( Muppets , The Hobbit ) seems to be paying off in the quality vs quantity stakes.

The Muppets
is out in the US now, but, unbelievably, those of us based in the UK have to wait until 10 February 2012.

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