Rumored BioShock remaster might be in testing at 2K

More evidence of a BioShock remaster has seemingly been uncovered through Steam.

Over the past weekend, users on Reddit (opens in new tab) noticed that the SteamDB database entries for BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite had all been recently updated. Simply put, this means that some sort of internal development for the Steam builds of all three games is currently going on at publisher 2K, although it’s impossible to say for sure what that development is for.

Some have taken this as a strong indication that the recent BioShock RTX remaster from the Nvidia leak is genuine. Last month, Nvidia suffered a huge database leak, where a slate of unannounced games were revealed, including a BioShock RTX remaster of the original game. Nvidia stated that all the unannounced games revealed through the leak was “speculative” on the manufacturer’s part, however.

Despite that, this is some pretty coincidental evidence of ongoing development on the original three BioShock games. It should be noted that the Nvidia leak specifically stated that a remaster of the original BioShock would be forthcoming, and didn’t name the two sequels as receiving the remaster treatment at some point further down the line.

Also detailed in the Nvidia leak was a 2022 release date for the enigmatic BioShock 4. A brand new entry in the franchise was first announced in late 2019, to be developed under publisher 2K by Cloud Chamber. At the time, 2K stated that the title would be in development for at least the next few years, indicating that it was still some ways off. Could BioShock 4 really be launching next year, or is this just further speculation from Nvidia?

Until then though, head over to our BioShock 4 interview with Cloud Chamber head Kelley Gilmore for some insights into the new game.

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