How to unlock fast travel in Far Cry New Dawn

Hope County has always been a big place, as anyone who’s played Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab) will know, but it somehow feels even bigger in Far Cry New Dawn (opens in new tab). Maybe that’s because there’s no longer any planes to quickly traverse across the map, or that the dusty roads of the apocalypse don’t make for the smoothest road trips. Either way, you’ll often find yourself miles away from your intended destination in the early stages of Ubisoft’s new entry in the open-world shooter series, stuck manually traversing the landscape for dozens of minutes at a time. 

That makes fast travel an essential ability to invest in as soon as possible in Far Cry New Dawn, but while you can always fast travel back to your homebase in Prosperity from anywhere in the map (by moving your cursor over the location in the map and pressing the Fast Travel button), the ability to instantly teleport anywhere else is locked away, hidden within a not so obvious progression tree and gated behind. If you’re at a loss for figuring out how to Fast Travel in Far Cry New Dawn, but desperate to speed up your travels, here’s the best way to start hopping around the map with only a small loading screen to slow you down. 

First things things, you’re going to need Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol (opens in new tab), one of the game’s big new currencies used to upgrade your Homebase at Prosperity. You can consult our separate guide on how to earn Ethanol fast for more about that but the TLDR is that you can acquire Ethanol by liberating and scavenging Outposts, commandeering Ethanol trucks, or looting supply drops across the map. You’ll then need to spend this Ethanol to level up the Expeditions Facility at your homebase, and upgrading it three times will unlock three different tiers of Far Cry New Dawn’s Fast Travel system. Here’s what those tiers look like, and how much unlocking each of them will cost you in Ethanol. 

  • Expeditions Level 1 (75 Ethanol) – Fast Travel to liberated Outposts
  • Expeditions Level 2 (125 Ethanol) – Unlocks Fast Travel to Locations
  • Expeditions Level 3 (250 Ethanol) – Unlocks Air Drop to Locations, liberated Outposts, and Prosperity

Expedition Level 1 will allow you to fast travel to Outposts you’ve liberated across the open world, again by opening the map, moving your cursor over to the Outpost, and hitting the Fast Travel button. Beware that if you’ve scavenged an Outpost, you won’t be able to fast travel to it anymore, but will have to manually liberate it again in order to regain the ability to Fast Travel to it. Pay 125 Ethanol to upgrade the Expeditions Facility to Level 2, and you’ll also be able to fast travel to Locations, which are general points of interest across Hope County that appear on the mpa as Crafting Material icons.  

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Finally, maxing out the Expeditions Facility to Level 3 will allow you Air Drop onto a specified Location (including Liberated Outposts and Prosperity) from above, which then gives you the opportunity to cover great distances from that location via the wingsuit (provided you’ve purchased the wingsuit Perk in your character’s progression tree). To Air Drop, open the map and move your cursor to your desired jump point, before hitting the Air Drop button, and a few seconds later you’ll find yourself falling with style, thousands of metres off the ground. 

To unlock every tier of the Far Cry New Dawn Fast Travel system, you’ll need a total of 450 Ethanol, but the most important part (fast travelling to and from different locations) is at Expeditions Level 2, which will set you back 200 Ethanol altogether. The ability to Air Drop is more of an added bonus. 

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