Here’s how to find Joseph Seed in Far Cry New Dawn

If you’ve finished Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab), you’ve probably been wondering where the bunker-confined Joseph Seed is. In Far Cry New Dawn (opens in new tab), Seed makes quite a substantial appearance, having transformed from cult leader to cult leader with a religious settlement dedicated in his name. I don’t blame you for wanting to find the man (and his man bun) as quickly as possible, so get ready to discover just how Far Cry New Dawn’s Joseph Seed manages to appear once again. 

Warning: spoilers follow below for Far Cry New Dawn! Beware of reading any further!

In Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed is hidden away, but be patient

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If you physically can’t wait to set eyes upon Seed’s trademark yellow sunglasses and greasy man bun once again, you’re going to want to go straight to the island above in the middle of the map. It’s the place where Far Cry 5 started and ended, and in Far Cry New Dawn Joseph Seed is waiting there for you. Ok, maybe not him exactly (play the mission to see what I mean), but once you step foot onto the island you’ll start a trippy mission to recover Joseph’s Word; a religious book he wrote in the bunker with only Far Cry 5’s beleaguered protagonist, Deputy Rook, for company. Completing the mission will start a chain of events that’ll span the entire game, and it’ll get you access to a Tier 2, Blue rarity bow way earlier than usual, meaning you’ll be very overpowered with it by your side for the first couple of hours of Far Cry New Dawn. 

To find the real, flesh-and-blood Joseph Seed, you’re going to have to be patient. That sucks, I know, but there’s no other way to run into him. Later on in the game you’ll be sent to find him by the people of New Eden, and as it’s a main story mission there’s no way you’ll be able to avoid or miss it, so don’t worry about leaving him behind. There’s also no way to get to him before this point, as the region he’s in is saturated with lethal amounts of Bliss. Going into the north and inhaling the drug will damage your health with every breath, and even if you have the max amount of medkits it’s not enough to get you close enough to see Joseph before the game ‘lets’ you. Sorry about that.

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