Modern Warfare Watch Select: How to unlock watches in Modern Warfare for your operator

If you’ve seen the Modern Warfare watch select option in the menu of Call of Duty Modern Warfare (opens in new tab) multiplayer, you’re likely wondering how to unlock it. It’s greyed out at the start of the game because you actually need to earn a Modern Warfare watch before you put one on, surprisingly. There’s a few different ways you can get a Modern Warfare watch, so read on for everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare watch select.

How to get a watch in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Watches

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There’s a couple of ways you can unlock the Modern Warfare watch select option. The first is to buy the Call of Duty Endowment Defender Pack (opens in new tab), which is available in-game for $9.99/£7.99 and gives you eleven customisation items including the all-important Modern Warfare watch, as pictured above. These purchases also support The Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organisation that helps veterans in the US and UK find high quality civilian jobs.

You can also unlock watches through the battle pass that comes out each season. When you purchase the battle pass, you get access to 100 tiers’ worth of cosmetic content including weapon blueprints, operator outfits, and watches. You will have to play enough to reach their specific tier in the battle pass in order to unlock them though, so make sure you take full advantage of double XP periods.

Finally, you can simply buy bundles from the store that include watches. There’s always a plethora of bundles on rotation and some of them will include watches you can add to your collection. While the Endowment Defender Pack mentioned above costs real money, you can buy these bundles with COD Points earned through the battle pass, so you don’t have to drop extra money on the game.

What Modern Warfare watches are available

Modern Warfare watch select

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We’ve seen examples of two Modern Warfare watches above, but thanks to Senescallo on Reddit (opens in new tab) we know that there will be at least 23 different watch variants available in total. These feature a variety of designs, including the intriguing Modern Warfare TomaGUNchi (opens in new tab) watch – a virtual pet that feeds on the kills you get in multiplayer. For the rest of them, it seems the only real use they have is to check the (actual) time while you’re playing, however we can’t deny that these Modern Warfare watches are currently one of the most sought-after customisation items in the game.

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