Far Cry 7 could go in a radically different direction according to a journalist

Far Cry 7 could go in a radically different decision according to a journalist. 

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has said that fans should expect something very different from the seventh mainline game in the series. Speaking on his Triple Click podcast (opens in new tab) which he co-hosts, Schreier said of a Far Cry 7: “From what I have heard, if I remember correctly they’re aiming to go a radically different direction for Far Cry after Far Cry 6

It’s not a lot of information to go off of, but it’d certainly be an understandable direction for the series. 

The Far Cry franchise has not seen a major overhaul in its formula since the release of Far Cry 3, which really ushered in the era of the villains. Since the introduction of Vaas, the Far Cry series has become known for its standout villains. From the aforementioned Vaas to Pagan Min to Joseph Seed, the series has defined itself by its bad guys. With Far Cry 6, we are getting Anton Castillo played by Giancarlo Esposito who looks to be in a similar mold. 

One would have to wonder if this focus on the antagonist might shift in a radical new direction for the series. Or if possibly reinvention could come elsewhere such as the gameplay, which has also shared much of the open-world action FPS DNA through from Far Cry 3. 

It would be fascinating to see what Ubisoft might consider for the series. Modern Far Cry has such a distinct identity it’s hard to even visualize what the series would do to reinvent itself while still retaining the feel of the franchise. However, if Ubisoft is going down this route, it’d certainly be interesting to see their take. 

Of course, none of this is confirmed so take it all with a pinch of salt. Even while Schreier has remained a credible source for insider information, any development in Far Cry 7 is likely very early still. Changes of direction are bound to be possible, if not expected. For now though, we still have Far Cry 6 to get excited about. 

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