Elizabeth Olsen says Doctor Strange 2 is “very scary”

Elizabeth Olsen has revealed that Doctor Strange 2 is shaping up to be a spooky installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“It’s a very scary movie,” she said in a Q&A at the New York Film Academy (H/T Screen Rant (opens in new tab)). “It’s like old Sam Raimi. They’re trying to create the scariest Marvel movie.”

It’s not a huge surprise that the sequel might be scary, as director Raimi is probably best known for his work in the horror genre with The Evil Dead movies – and the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire. Olsen has also already hinted that the sequel will have a bit of fear factor, explaining: “It’s a bonkers movie, they’re definitely going for that horror show vibe.”

The plot of Doctor Strange 2 is being kept tightly under wraps, but from the official title – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – it’s easy to guess that it will involve multiple timelines and realities. Writer Michael Waldron, who is also the showrunner of Loki, recently said the sequel got scarier once Raimi joined the project: “I’m glad that there was the chance to maybe push it in a slightly scarier direction, just because Sam does that so well.”

Spoilers ahead for the Loki finale, which saw the multiverse blow wide open when Sylvie killed Jonathan Majors’ character He Who Remains (who probably isn’t actually Kang the Conqueror, but rather Immortus) and splintered the Sacred Timeline once and for all.

It seems the fallout of this decision will have a huge impact on the MCU going forward, most likely beginning with Spider-Man 3, AKA Spider-Man: No Way Home. The threequel is heavily reported to involve a multiverse element, with Maguire and Andrew Garfield said to be reprising their roles as their respective versions of Peter Parker, Jamie Foxx reportedly returning as Electro, and Alfred Molina confirming he’ll be back as Doc Ock.

Then there’s What If…?, the animated series exploring alternate versions of familiar Marvel stories. Tom Hiddleston said the show “sets up a whole bunch of stuff in the MCU,” so expect it to be more important than it may seem when the first episode arrives to Disney Plus this August 11.

Interestingly enough, Hiddleston is reportedly expected to appear in Doctor Strange 2. With Loki’s magic, Wanda’s reality-bending abilities, and Stephen Strange’s own powers, it seems the sequel is shaping up to be a very wild ride.

We’ll have to wait a while to find out what exactly happens in Doctor Strange 2, as the sequel isn’t due out until March 25, 2022. Until then, check out how to watch Marvel movies in order to get up to speed on the MCU, and find the best Disney Plus prices and deals.

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