Elden Ring player earns 86 million runes from invading another player, restarts the entire game

An Elden Ring player apparently received 86 million Runes from killing another player.

In a post on Reddit, user Fixo2 claims to have slain another player after venturing into their in-game world, and that they were rewarded for the feat with right around 86 million Runes, a pretty far cry from the 40,000 Runes they need to level up once.

Understandably, the player was somewhat paralyzed by choice when it came to actually spending all 86 million of their newly-acquired Runes. Some commenters underneath the original post suggest laundering the Runes through Patches, which is obviously who you’d go to in The Lands Between for some less savoury business deals.

In actual fact, the player chose to restart the entire game. In a follow-up comment, they reveal that since “Runes lost all meaning,” but they still didn’t want to lose them, they’ve started a brand new character after they purchased every single Smithing Stone item throughout Elden Ring. That’s certainly one way to go about guaranteeing you’re set for weapon upgrades for the next hundred hours or so.

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