Can you repair weapons in Dying Light 2 and stop them breaking?

Dying Light 2 weapon repair appears to be mysteriously absent at first glance, especially since fixing up your weapons with scrap metal and junk was something you could do in the first game. But how do you repair weapons in Dying Light 2 and stop them from smashing on enemy skulls? While it’s not very clear at first, there is a way — albeit a much more circular and limited way — of mending your weapons. Below we’ll explain how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2, as well as what the limitations of fixing weapons are.

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How to repair weapons in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 repair weapon

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The ability to fix Dying Light 2 weapons and mods isn’t obvious at first, because the only way to do it is as a consequence of something else: modding your weapons. When you use crafting recipes to add various elemental powers and alterations to a gun, it repairs a certain amount of durability, the closest you can get to a standard fixing option. It’ll even outline on the right-hand side of the screen how much a mod will fix it.

However, there is clearly a limitation to this: the most amount of mods you can install on a weapon is three (if that), meaning you can only restore a weapon’s durability only three times across its entire life, rather than just fixing it over and over. This means you could theoretically spend some time wielding a “naked” weapon, then mod it after a few cracks to essentially restore it to new (as well as now having a lightning attachment or similar bonus). Then repeat the process until you can’t mod it anymore.

However, there is no way, as far as we know, to repair weapons without modding them. Dying Light 2 instead encourages players to keep cycling through weapons, trying out new ones and allowing them to break, prompting you to try new ones. Don’t get too attached to any one killing device, or keep on the lookout for similar versions when you go to merchants or are out in the field.

This also means that there’s no use for the spare weapons you don’t think you’ll ever use, beyond simply being pawned off to vendors you come across. You can’t dismantle them for parts or use them to restore other weapons’ health back, so feel free to break, sell or discard them as needed, as they can’t be used for anything other than bashing skulls. You can use the money you gain from selling old weapons for buying new ones or Dying Light 2 gear from vendors

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