Dreams patch notes: The first big early access update adds new sections, games, and an art kit

The first Dreams patch notes are here. Media Molecule has teased some of the big changes coming to its Early Access game-creating game in an update preview, and all of them sound like welcome developments for creators as well as folks who just prefer to surf along and take in the community’s creativity. The first Dreams update will arrive on Thursday, June 6, and Media Molecule is pledging more frequent updates in the future, including some changes for sorting and discoverability.

Until then, here are the highlights from the first Dreams patch notes.

What’s New is what’s new

Stay up-to-date with official additions from the developers at Media Molecule with this addition to the main Dreamiverse menu. Here you’ll be able to get a quick look at new games, art kits, and other pertinent developments as they’re added to the game. It should also be easier to keep up to date with current game jams and other community initiatives with all the news in one place.

New art kit and Media Molecule games

Art kits are a builder’s kickstart from the Media Molecule devs, giving creators a set of themed assets so they can start making their own creations without worrying about building each individual piece. The first Dreams update will add a new Ancient Times art kit so you can make your own semi-historical creations, and a Game Jam of the same name will begin a few days later, encouraging folks to use the assets in clever ways. The studio’s also added two new games of its own design: coin-collecting Combo Crush, and the deceptively deep Comic Sands, which you can see some gameplay of above. Don’t forget to kit out your in-game pointer with the new imp quests, too.

Surf better and block with gusto

Dreams has had surprisingly few troll-ish creations (opens in new tab) so far but they’re still bound to happen, and this new update will give you better tools for dealing with them. You can straight-up block other users while listing or unlisting creations from surf, and you’ll have more options for what kind of stuff you find while AutoSurfing through project after project. You’ll also have more options for what your creation’s cover pages look like.

Check out this ace Dreams version of Spider-Ham (opens in new tab) and get some superpowered inspiration for your own creations, then see what’s coming to the twin kingdoms of games and entertainment this week with our latest Release Radar video.

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