David Yates to direct Emma Watson in Your Voice In My Head

With the last four instalments in the Harry Potter franchise under his belt, David Yates is ditching Hogwarts but holding onto Emma Watson for his next venture, Your Voice In My Head .

Based on the memoir of the same name by Emma Forrest, who is also providing the screenplay, the film centres on a Brit journo in New York whose quirks get the better of her, before she finds a terminally ill psychiatrist to help her to see the error of her ways.

Already being touted as a ‘prestige role’, Variety reports that character superstar Stanley Tucci is rumoured to be taking on the part of Emma’s psychiatrist, and it sounds like it could be a plum role for him…

Warners are already expecting this to be a serious awards contender, especially in the acting stakes. It will be interesting to see if Emma Watson can carry off ‘leading lady’ outside of an ensemble cast.

According to Variety , the film is still waiting for a greenlight, although we’d bet that won’t take long to arrive given that this talented bunch are involved.


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