Crash Team Racing cheats: All the Nitro Fueled cheat codes you can use

Just like the original, there’s plenty of Crash Team Racing cheats to be found in the new Nitro Fueled remake. A lot of these Crash Team Racing cheats are actually the same as the ones you could use in the original, though not all of them are available now – no Spyro 2: Ripto’s Revenge demo here unfortunately! You can make yourself permanently invisible, unlock Penta Penguin, use unlimited bombs, and more though, so read on for all of the Crash Team Racing cheats available in Nitro Fueled.

Crash Team Racing cheats

Crash Team Racing tips Cheats

Note that we’ve used these cheats on PS4 and can verify they work, but we haven’t tested Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. They should all work though, so press the respective buttons on those consoles to enable the cheats.

To use these cheats, you need to go to the main menu – where you can select Adventure, Arcade, Pit Stop, etc – and hold L1 and R1. Then enter the following button combinations:

  • Beakers/Explosive Crates Only: Right, Up, Down, Up, Right, Circle
  • Display Boost Counter: Triangle, Down, Down, Circle, Up
  • Icy Tracks: Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Triangle, Down
  • Infinite Aku Aku/Uka Uka mask: Left, Triangle, Right, Left, Circle, Right, Down, Down
  • Infinite Bowling Bombs: Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Left
  • Infinite Turbos: Triangle, X, Right, Left, Left, Triangle, X
  • Infinite Wumpa Fruit: Down, Right, Right, Down, Down
  • One Lap Races: Down, Up, Down, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right, Triangle, Down
  • Permanent Invisibility: Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up
  • Super Engine Mode: Up, Up, Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down
  • Super Hard Mode: Down, Right, Left, Up, X, Right
  • Super Turbo Pads: Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Left
  • Unlock Penta Penguin: Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up

These are all the Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled cheats we know of but if we discover any more, we’ll be sure to update this page. If only there was a cheat to beat N. Tropy’s time trial records…

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