SNES Mini unboxing and Porg decapitation… wait WHAT? This weeks Whats In The Box? is a must-watch!

How the stuff in the box keeps getting ‘better’ with each episode I do not know, but this week is certainly going to entertain you movie lovers out there with a visit from Iron Man’s gauntlet, and a headless Porg… wait what?

That’s right, I behead a Porg in order to fill it with treats. It goes (mostly) to plan. Not only that, we unbox the infamous SNES mini from Nintendo and get hold of the latest version of Stretch Armstrong, and let’s just say… Armstrong isn’t having a good time. Now, if you haven’t watched the video above (which you should) let’s go through what was featured in this week’s episode of What’s In The Box?

Iron Man Slide Blast Armour

We all love shooting our family members with Nerf bullets (right?) and what better way to do it than transforming into Iron Man using this gauntet? This was made by Hasbro, a well known toymaker worldwide, and it features an extendable gauntlet that can compact down into a large half weapon, half bracelet hybrid. On the front you have a manual Nerf Gun that can shoot bullets a fair distance, at a fair velocity.

Towards the back of the gauntlet you also have two extra bullet holders that allow you to reload swiftly, on the fly. Just watch your face when you do so as it nearly took off my jaw when I accidentally transformed it…

Buy It US: $14.75 on Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £19.73 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

Super Nintendo Classic Mini Console

We all love our classic games consoles, and you may have heard that Nintendo released a new ‘mini’ version of the SNES allowing gamers to play over 20 old school games on their HDTV from a console that can fit in the palm of your hand.

It can play games like Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Mario Kart and more! Plus it comes with two adorable controllers that – when held – make you feel like you’re back in the ’90s again. One of my favourite features about this console is the fact it allows you to save your progress directly to the console itself, meaning you can jump right back into the action without using any SD cards or nonsense like that!

Buy It US: $115.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £69.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Star Wars Porg Cookie Jar

What! Is that a headless Porg full of delicious cookies? Yes! Yes it is, and every time I rip off its head I don’t know whether to cry or smile in delight at the edible treats. This was sent over by Funko and it’s no ordinary cookie jar.

This cookie jar features a speaker on the inside that activates when the cookie jar is open, so if you have any pesky children or a partner that likes to steal cookies then this little Porg will scream to notify you that someone is stealing his treats. Oh, and did we forget to mention how adorable it looks!

Buy It US: N/A
Buy It UK:
£30 from the Disney Store (opens in new tab)

Stretch Arm Strong Flex Fighters

Remember Stretch Armstrong? Well, he’s making a comeback in the form of a Netflix cartoon series, and they’ve just launched some impressive merchandise to show off what this new stretch hero can do. And it looks painful… but fun.

We got hold of Armstrong’s Mobile HQ which features a catapult, a giant disc throwing weapon on the front, and enough space for a few extra teammates to hop inside. The catapult uses stretch armstrong himself to throw giant boulders and so does the interior weapon, which shoots the discs. Impressive!

Buy It US: $29.84 from Walmart (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £39.99 from Walmart (opens in new tab)

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