Warzone Combat Pack for PlayStation Plus members

Another free Warzone Combat Pack has arrived to coincide with Season 2, named ‘Beach Bum’ and aptly themed around nautical items, giving a new skin for Operator Wade Jackson along with weapon blueprints, a charm, a watch, and a whole lot more. The Beach Bum bundle unlocks seven Warzone freebies altogether, which are exclusive to Sony’s platforms as you need to be playing on PS5 or PS4 with an active PlayStation Plus subscription to claim them.

You’ll find the Warzone free Combat Pack, Beach Bum, on the PlayStation store – just search for ‘Combat Pack’ if it doesn’t show up on any Call of Duty Warzone pages, or browse for it through the in-game store under the Franchise Store option. As long as you’re signed up for PS Plus, it should just have an ‘Add to Library’ option so you can instantly claim it – no downloading is required.

For the seconds it takes to do that you’ll get a Vanguard themed bundle with a skin for Operator Wade Jackson, as well as Assault Rife and Shotgun blueprints, a watch, charm, calling card, emblem, and a token for 60 minutes double XP. That’s not a bad range of gear for a free gift, and it’ll help you look good on the battlefield as long as you’re not paired up with a group of other PS Plus subscribers who’ve all had the same idea.

What’s in the Call of Duty Warzone Combat Pack Beach Bum? 

Warzone Combat Pack Beach Bum Pacific Season 2

(Image credit: Activision)

The Warzone Combat Pack for Pacific Season 2 is themed around the Operator Wade Jackson, who is one of the Hell Hounds soldiers unlocked by Vanguard. The gear you can get for him is all either Legendary or Epic level and includes both Assault Rifle and Shotgun blueprints.

Here’s everything in the Warzone Combat Pack Beach Bum:

  • Legendary Operator Skin for Wade Jackson – First Wave
  • Legendary Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint – Overlord
  • Legendary Shotgun Weapon Blueprint – Neptune
  • Epic Emblem – Watery Grave
  • Epic Watch – Salt Brine
  • Epic Charm – Combat Fatigue
  • Epic Calling Card – Direct Impact
  • 60-minute Double XP Token

While most of this is cosmetic, the blueprints are pretty solid. The Assault Rifle gives you a Recoil Booster muzzle, CGC 30″ XL barrel, M19 4.0x Flip optic, Chariot WR stock, plus a Mark VI Skeletal underbarrel, .30-06 20 Round Fast magazine, Subsonic ammo, and a Leather Grip to the rear. Meanwhile, the Shotgun supplies a M97 Full Choke muzzle, Chariot 33″ Sport barrel, G16 2.5x optic, Chariot Sport stock, alongside a Mark VI Skeletal underbarrel, Extra Range magazine, Buck and Slug ammo, and a Leather Rear Grip.

The Double XP Token can be found and activated by following the View Tokens prompt in the Warzone menu, though you should bear in mind that these consumable items countdown in real-time rather than in-game time – you don’t want to end up exhausting their time while sat in a lobby.

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