GTA 5 Spaceship Parts locations to complete Beyond The Stars

50 GTA 5 spaceship parts have been distributed around the map after what must have been a particularly impressive extra-terrestrial smash up, but there are two very good reasons for gathering them all up. Firstly, you’ll earn respect (and a decent amount of cash) from Omega, the alien conspiracist who draws your attention to these collectibles, and secondly you’ll also unlock the futuristic Space Docker car by finding them all. Of course, you’ll also earn the Beyond the Stars Trophy or Achievement in GTA 5, if you’re into virtual rewards.

You won’t be able to get the Space Docker though until you’ve completed the Fame or Shame mission where Trevor and Michael reunite. Once you’ve done that a Strangers and Freaks mission for Franklin will appear in Sandy Shores, so go there and you’ll meet up with Omega. He’ll ask you to recover 50 spaceship parts scattered across the map which will start you on a quest to unlock the floaty space car. However, there’s a lot of pieces to find and not all of them are obvious (you’ll have to fly to reach a few) which is where things can get tricky. Fortunately we’ve already done the searching for you so follow along and we’ll show you where to find all of the GTA 5 spaceship parts locations.

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts map

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Part #1 – Grand Senora Desert

Head southwest from Omega to find this array of satellite dishes in the desert. A spaceship part lies on the walkway of the westernmost dish.

Part #2 – Grand Senora Desert

A bit further west you’ll find a small cluster of trailers. Next to the large boat is another spaceship part.

Part #3 – Sandy Shores

Head north from where you met Omega to find an alien-themed park in the middle of the desert. At the top of this hill lies another spaceship part.

Part #4 – Sandy Shores

Southwest of Part #3 is a series of large white rocks in the Sandy Shores desert. Along the edge of the largest one lies another spaceship part.

Part #5 – Sandy Shores

Now head north to the Alamo Sea. This part is in the water, so you’ll have to dive. Follow with our map and the in-game map from the screenshot closely to find the exact spot. Listen for the hum of the ship part for more help.

Part #6 – San Chianski Mountain Range

Head to the lovely San Chianski Mountain Range to the game’s northeast. Here you’ll find a quiet little area called Catfish View. Immediately inside this shed is another spaceship part.

Part #7 – Grapeseed

This one can be found in Grapeseed. In the south-central part of the town is a large farm. Head there to find a spaceship part in the middle of a cow pen.

Part #8 – Mount Chiliad

Using the map, follow the road the hooks to the left to the east of Mount Chiliad. Just before the road ends, you’ll spot this shed. The spaceship part is inside.

Part #9 – Paleto Bay

Just outside of Paleto Bay proper is the Donkey Punch Family Farm. In the center you’ll find a large barn, and inside of that you’ll find another spaceship part.

Part #10 – Paleto Bay

The location marked on the map is Paleto Bay fire station. In the back of the complex is a simulated burned-out building. Ascend the fire escape to its top floor to find another spaceship part.

Part #11 – Paleto Forest

Follow the highway just a bit past the town proper, and keep your eyes peeled to the east for several path bridges. You’ll find this underneath one just off the road.

Part #12 – Paleto Bay

On the western shore of Paleto Bay lies a series of small islands. Walk out onto the first one (it’s technically a peninsula, but whatever) to find a spaceship part under a tree.

Part #13 – Raton Canyon

This is probably the hardest part to reach. It’s along the buttress underneath the Great Ocean Highway Bridge. To get to it, you’ll have to ease a helicopter into the small space between the buttress and bridge above. Good luck!

Part #14 – Cassidy Creek

Head to the train bridge that runs across Cassidy Creek. In the river below are a few rocky shores; this lies on one of them.

Part #15 – Mount Josiah

This isn’t hard to access, but it is very tricky to actually spot. Take a helicopter or make your way up to the layered summit of Mount Josiah. Start descending the cliffs in a southwesterly direction, peering over each one as you drop. Eventually, you’ll spot this part snuggled up on one of the edges.

Part #16 – Zancudo River

Head to where the Zancudo River runs between Mount Josiah and the Grand Senora Desert. Along the shore near the train bridge is another spaceship part.

Part #17 – Zancudo River

Just a bit south from the last part is a covered bridge that runs across the river. Check the shore underneath for another part.

Part #18 – Tongva Valley

In the northern region of Tongva Valley is a large waterfall. Swim into the shallow pool at its base to find another spaceship part.

Part #19 – Tongva Hills

This one’s found at the Marlowe Vineyard. One group of vines grows on a separate hill to the south. Head up the hill to the tenth row of vines, and you’ll find this along the path.

Part #20 – Tongva Hills

Two rivers run through the Tongva Hills; go to the southernmost one. Head west, and about one-third of the way down the river you’ll find this cave (yes, it’s very hard to spot). Inside lies another ship part.

Part #21 – Banham Canyon

This lone house sits in the east of Banham Canyon. Head to the backyard to find a spaceship part by the pool.

Part #22 – Richman Glen

This is at the rehab center in Richman Glen. Head inside and look for the large tree by a zen pool. The part is at its base.

Part #23 – Vinewood Hills

This one’s on the roof of the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills. Take the stairs up and grab your prize.

Part #24 – Vinewood Hills

This tricky part is atop an observation tower in the eastern lake of Vinewood Hills. You’ll need to take a helicopter or parachute down to reach it.

Part #25 – Vinewood Hills

Note this column just south of the previous part. Dive down on its left side to find another.

Part #26 – Rockford Hills

This one’s easy to find. It’s on an island in the golf course.

Part #27 – Burton

You’ll need a helicopter for this one. Fly to the marked rooftop on the map to find an empty pool. Well, it’s technically not empty – there’s a spaceship part inside.

Part #28 – Burton

This one’s easy to spot. The upper level of Rockford Plaza has a small grass island; this spaceship part is in its center.

Part #29 – Richards Majestic

You’ll have barge in on the movie set for this one. Head to the southernmost building (with the orange roof) to find a spaceship part on its balcony.

Part #30 – Vespucci Canals

Head to the Liquor Hole in Vespucci Canals. See that lovely sign jutting from the roof of the store? Use the ladder behind the building to get up there and discover a well hidden spaceship part.

Part #31 – Downtown

You’ll need a helicopter for this one. Fly to the top of the Penris building in Downtown for a high-altitude spaceship part.

Part #32 – Downtown

This one is a bit of a pain – it’s inside the underground train system, which can only be accessed via flood canals. We’ve marked the canal closest to the previous part.

Bare left in the tunnels until you reach the large center depot. Head up the slope and hop the low orange fence to find another spaceship part.

Part #33 – Textile City

Head down Simmett Alley in Textile City to find this spaceship part next to the Bean Machine coffee shop.

Part #34 – Strawberry

You’ll find this under Olympic Freeway in the hobo camp. Look for the camouflage pattern couch.

Part #35 – Davis

This one rests on the helipad of the hospital in Davis. Yes, that means you need a helicopter to reach it.

Part #36 – Rancho

Rancho is home to this complex piece of modern art. Just inside the gate is another spaceship part.

Part #37 – Los Santos International Airport

This is located behind the southernmost hangar at the airport. Be warned: the cops don’t like it when you drive out here.

Part #38 – Elysian Island

Los Santos Gas lies on Elysian Island. Scale the massive buildings to find a long pipe connecting the two. Take a brave walk out onto that pipe to find another part.

Part #39 – Elysian Island

This spaceship part is in deep water near the docks at Elysian Island. Take a deep breath and prepare for a big dive to reach this one.

Part #40 – El Burro Heights

You’ll have to hop to the beach below the freeway for this one. Once there, you’ll find it inside a storm drain.

Part #41 – Pacific Ocean

Southeast of the previous part is a series of rocky islands. Head there to find a spaceship part hanging out atop one of the sets of rocks.

Part #42 – El Burro Heights

Head to the oil station in north El Burro Heights. Look for this large blue storage unit and enter the green unit behind it. Inside is another spaceship part.

Part #43 – Murrieta Heights

This one is found in the dam in Murrieta Heights. Head to the side facing the city and climb down a few levels. Hop over the railing to reach the part itself.

Part #44 – Land Act Reservoir

Head to the Land Act Reservoir and look for the small wooden dock at the western end. Dive into the water and swim underneath the dock to find another spaceship part.

Part #45 – Land Act Reservoir

Now head to the northern part of the reservoir to find some giant sewer pipes. Another part will be lying at the end of the runoff tubes.

Part #46 – Tataviam Mountains

To the west of the Tataviam Mountains lies a beach, and at its south end is a large rock arch. Next to that is a small sandbank where you’ll find another spaceship part.

Part #47 – Grand Senora Desert

It’s back to the Grand Senora Desert for this one. The spaceship part is located in the bend of the twisty road marked on the map.

Part #48 – Grand Senora Desert

This house sits by its lonesome on a winding road in the desert. Check under the banner in the yard for another spaceship part.

Part #49 – Grand Senora Desert

Just before the Grand Senora Desert becomes Great Chaparral, you can find this abandoned house by the edge of winding road. Check the back porch for a spaceship part.

Part #50 – Ron Alternates Wind Farm

For the game’s final spaceship part, look for this cave east of the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. Enter the cave and swim along the eastern bottom to find the part.

Finishing the GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Mission

With all 50 GTA 5 spaceship parts collected, return to Omega. This time he’ll be at Ron Alternates Wind Farm – right where we collected the final spaceship part.

After a quick (and rather endearing) cutscene, you’ll be rewarded with the From Beyond the Stars trophy or achievement. Plus, you now have access to Omega’s garage… and the Space Docker rocket car!

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