Billy Bob Thornton gives Bad Santa 2 update

While the majority of Christmas movies aim for chocolate-box sentiment, Terry Zwigoff’s Bad Santa was a refreshingly black-hearted antidote to the usual surfeit of festive cheer.

Understandable then that the prospect of a sequel has generated plenty of enthusiasm, although according to star Billy Bob Thornton, it may yet be some way from materialising.

“We all want it to happen,” says Thornton. “It’s all logistics. They’re still working on it. When they first said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna make a sequel to Bad Santa ,’ I said, ‘That’s nice. I loved playing that character.’”

“It’s become an iconic movie, and the public wants to see a sequel. I said, ‘I’ve never done a sequel, but it makes sense to me to do this sequel.’ It’s the kind of movie you do a sequel for, so I was all for it.”

“I think the mistake was that when they said they were gonna do it, we just said, ‘Yeah, we’re doing it.’ The fact of the matter is, we may be doing it. They are working on it. It could be the end of this coming year, or it could be next year, or never. That’s the real honest answer.”

We’ll be putting it on our Christmas list and hoping the answer isn’t “never”. If The Santa Clause can spawn a raft of sequels, Bad Santa deserves at least one…

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