Best of the Decade: All of our articles celebrating 10 years of excellent entertainment

It’s amazing just how much you can fit in a decade. Looking back over the last 10 years of games, movies and TV, we’ve seen so much go past our eyeballs it’s staggering. But, in among the tens of thousands of films, TV shows and games that have been released in that time, there are some that stand out. The glittering gems that we’re still talking about now, and will be in the decades to come.

So that’s why we’re celebrating them now. From the top 100 movies, through TV shows, and on to games, there is so much to be glad for. We’ve worked through everything that’s come out to pick out those that have, and will, stand the test of time.

For our ultimate top 25 games of the decade though, we’ve gone one step further, talking about each one in depth to highlight exactly what makes them so special. To save you sifting through the internet, we’ve gathered them all together here for your reading pleasure. 

Best of the Decade

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100 Best Games of the Decade
(opens in new tab)GamesRadar+ pulled through the thousands of games released between 2010 and 2019 to find the very best games of the decade. Hit the link to see if your favourites made the cut, and be sure to complain in the usual places if they didn’t. 

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100 Best TV Shows of the Decade
(opens in new tab)We’re living through a new golden age of TV right now, and that made putting together this list of the 100 best TV shows released between 2010 and 2019 particularly difficult. 

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100 Best Movies of the Decade
(opens in new tab)GamesRadar+ joins our friends over at Total Film to celebrate the 100 best movies released between 2010 and 2019. It’s been an incredible decade, but be sure to hit the link to see if your favourites made the list.  

Games that defined the Decade

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Games that defined the Decade: The Last of Us
(opens in new tab)The Last of Us pushed video games to be smarter, bolder, and greater than they have ever been before. Naughty Dog dared to dream of more for our video games, and delivered its magnum opus in the process. 

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Games that defined the Decade: Portal 2
(opens in new tab)Portal 2 is still one of the most successful comedies in gaming; How sharp humour and spectacular puzzle design set Valve’s co-op comedy apart from the rest. 

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Games that defined the Decade: Red Dead Redemption
(opens in new tab)Red Dead Redemption captures a sense of time and place unlike any other. 10 years on, and John Marston still stands tall as one of the most convincingly three-dimensional characters in gaming.

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Games that defined the Decade: The Witcher 3
(opens in new tab)CD Projekt RED pushed RPGs forward with its expert world building. By nailing the basics, the studio created a genre classic in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Games that defined the Decade: Breath of the Wild (opens in new tab)
The Legend of Zelda’s Nintendo Switch debut is a glimpse into the future of open-world games. With Breath of the Wild, Nintendo was able to embrace the series’ roots and take it boldly into the future.

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Games that defined the Decade: Mass Effect 2
(opens in new tab)With Mass Effect 2 had strength in storytelling by not being afraid to kill off its heroes and, in doing so, BioWare made us fearless in the face of certain death.

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Games that defined the Decade: GTA 5 (opens in new tab)
GTA 5 is a staggering simulation of modern-day USA. With this unbelievable sandbox, Rockstar once again redefined the open-world action genre

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Games that defined the Decade: God of War
(opens in new tab)God of War found the space to reinvent itself and is all the better because of it. Sony Santa Monica rebooted the reboot for a profound meditation on the evolution of the video game format itself.

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Games that defined the Decade: Skyrim
(opens in new tab)Skyrim is a cultural leviathan of its own making. Eight years on from launch, and Skyrim still sets the standard for almost a decade of fantasy role-playing.

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Games that defined the Decade: Journey
(opens in new tab)Journey’s message of peace ushered in a new era for indie games and with it, thatgamecompany proved that minimalist game design comes mighty impact.

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Games that defined the Decade: Stardew Valley
(opens in new tab)Stardew Valley took Harvest Moon’s gently endless gameplay loop and perfected it for a modern age, it’s a loving recreation of a legacy genre. 

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Games that defined the Decade: Minecraft
(opens in new tab)With its game of virtual lego, Mojang created an outlet for creativity with unlimited potential, teaching us that virtual worlds can be whatever we make of them.

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Games that defined the Decade: Rocket League
(opens in new tab)Rocket League’s brave release and timeless concept was a winning combination, transforming the way that we play.

This is our celebration of the decade, but what about this year? Listen, if you’re into lists we’ve got: 25 best games of 2019 (opens in new tab), 25 best TV shows of 2019 (opens in new tab), and 25 best movies of 2019 (opens in new tab)

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