Star in your own Mark Millar comic!

Ever fancied being the new Kick-Ass ?

Comic genius Mark Millar, the brain (and pen) behind series Wanted and Kick-Ass as well as upcoming movie adaps Secret Service and Nemesis (not to mention creative consultant on the new Fantastic Four movie), is auctioning off the name of a character in his new book, Starlight .

If you’re the highest bidder, a major character in Millar’s latest – an alien with a passion for Earth pop culture – will be named after you.

Starlight , which Millar wrote with artist Goran Parlov, is a six issue series which launched last month following a former space hero, now living back on Earth and recalled for one last mission. The character named after the winning bidder will debut in issue three of the series.

All proceeds from the auction will go to a charity based in the area of Scotland where Millar grew up, funding theatre trips for children from the local school.

Previous auctions have helped raise funds for a special-needs mini-bus, buy computers and refurbish the library in the school Millar attended as a child.

Do you want to be the new Dave Lizewski ( Kick-Ass ’s real name – another character name Millar auctioned)?

Head over to ebay to place your bid (opens in new tab) .

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