Modern Warfare 3: Take a look around the Overwatch map in new trailer

Real actual army-soldier Rob Riggle presumably knows a thing or two about the business of Marining: you don’t make Lieutenant Colonel by setting off claymores or absorbing Pavelow attacks, after all. Indeed, the Marine-slash-comedian’s skills are such that he can apparently stand in the middle of Modern Warfare 3’s next battlefield without taking a scratch – which outfits him pretty well to take you through a preview of the map.

360-owning Elite subscribers, this video’s more a PSA than anything else: you’ll be getting Overwatch next Tuesday without having to do a damn thing for it. Pay-as-you-go players and PS3 Elitists, you’ll get your shot soon – by which time Valentine’s Day will be long gone and Riggle will presumably have to find another holiday to symbolically put a bullet through.

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