Barry Keoghan teases The Eternals: “It’s going to be special”

Barry Keoghan’s latest movie, the thrilling Calm with Horses, has been picking up sterling review across the internet. “Tightly scripted, forcefully directed, grittily performed, this is the Irish crime film you need in your life,” reads the Total Film verdict (opens in new tab)of Nick Rowland’s feature debut.

For Keoghan, Calm with Horses marks the beginning of a huge year. He will next appear in David Lowery’s The Green Knight, followed by The Eternals (opens in new tab), Marvel’s next intergalactic adventure. Keoghan will play Druig, and – meeting Total Film for the latest episode of their podcast – he teased the movie. Listen below, and read an extract from the interview underneath that. 

Can you give us a tease of what to expect from Marvel’s Eternals?

It’s going to be special. If you’ve seen [director] Chloé Zhao’s [previous film] The Rider, just let your mind go to what she could do with the Eternals because she’s gonna nail it.

I saw on your Instagram you’ve been working out with Kumail Nanjiani.

Yeah, Kumail is… what a legend he is. He’s a legend.

It’s an amazing cast across the board.

I would say it’s a ‘pinch me’ moment, and I would say I still won’t realise that until it comes out probably, y’know. It’s going to be a nice feeling then. 

Calm with Horses is out now in UK cinemas. The Eternals, which makes up part of Marvel Phase 4 (opens in new tab), reaches cinemas 6 November 2020.

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