Hurray! Delightful Coral Switch Lite officially coming to Europe this April

Nintendo has announced the Coral Switch Lite (opens in new tab) is set to release in Europe on April 24. 

If you can’t wait to snap one up, you’ll be happy to know you can now pre-order the new version on the Nintendo store (opens in new tab). The peachy colour variation was first revealed last month (opens in new tab) with the announcement that it will launch in Japan on March 20 (also known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons (opens in new tab) day). The US is set to see the console launch a few weeks earlier than the EU on April 3. 

The Lite is dedicated to handheld play and is designed for those who need a console on go and aren’t concerned with playing the games on a TV – unlike the original Switch console, it can’t be docked. 

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Coral Switch has already appeared in a recent Japanese commercial (opens in new tab) showing New Horizons in action on the new console. I, for one, am already besotted with the colour – doesn’t it just scream coral reefs? I can’t think of a more appealing console to tuck into some island life goodness or settle in to catch em’ all in Pokemon Sword and Shield (opens in new tab)… unless of course you can pick up the amazing Animal Crossing-themed Switch (opens in new tab) complete with adorable pastel colours and Timmy and Tommy. 

The new variation joins a little growing family of Lite Switch consoles, with yellow, grey, and turquoise versions already available. It’s great to see another colour hit the market and get confirmation it will be releasing worldwide – even if folks in the EU have to wait it out just a touch longer to pick up this lovely colour variant. 

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