The internet is going wild for Oscar Isaacs acting in the latest Moon Knight episode

Moon Knight episode 3 once again sees Oscar Isaac playing the dual role of Marc Spector and Steven Grant, and the internet is going wild for his portrayal. Mild spoilers ahead!

At one point in the episode, Isaac seamlessly switches from playing Spector to Grant in a scene that sees the British personality take control (Spector has Dissociative Personality Disorder).

“Oscar Isaac is truly an amazing actor, you can see the demeanor change between Marc and Steven. Marc is more brooding while Steven is more flamboyant” writes one impressed fan (opens in new tab)

“Oscar Isaac deserves an Emmy he is ACTING” says another viewer, with pictures of the moment.

#MoonKnight 🌙.oscar isaac deserves an emmy he is ACTING 13, 2022

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“That bit of Marc transitioning to Steven without a cut is one of the best things Oscar Isaac has done. Man’s acting level is 15/10,” writes someone else (opens in new tab)

“Oscar Isaac’s acting in this scene was absolutely phenomenal. The transition between Marc and Steven is everything,” agrees another viewer (opens in new tab)

“Oh man, Oscar Isaac acting as Moon Knight in this new episode was especially amazing~ So much detail he puts into changing personas. His vocal changes are also super spot on,” thinks someone else (opens in new tab)

“Every week I keep being amazed by Oscar Isaac’s acting range. All these personalities/different manners/accents/patterns of speech… To keep all that in mind plus remembering the lines and the plot… DAMN,” is another person’s opinion (opens in new tab)

“It’s only been three episodes of #MoonKnight, and I’m ready to say that Oscar Isaac is giving a top 5 acting performance by anyone playing a comic book character of all time. Moon Knight immediately is in my top 2 of favourite MCU characters alongside Dr. Strange” this viewer (opens in new tab) says. 

“Oscar Isaac’s acting in Moon Knight is incredible. One of the best MCU performances ever,” thinks another fan (opens in new tab)

“Okay. We know Oscar Isaac rocked it with transitioning between Marc and Steven but my God that whole meeting of Gods sequence… The acting is just so funny yet also on point at the same time my God” says another viewer (opens in new tab), referring to a scene that saw Khonshu possess Spector and speak through him at a meeting of the gods. 

It’s possible Isaac might have a third personality to perform soon, too, with the latest episode potentially teasing the debut of Jake Lockley

If you’re up to speed on Moon Knight, check out our ultimate guide to Marvel Phase 4 for everything else the MCU has in store for us – and if you’re not signed up already, subscribe to Disney Plus (opens in new tab) right here.

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