AMC plans to re-open most of its US and UK cinemas in time for Tenet in July

Good news for moviegoers everywhere: AMC Theaters (who also owns Odeon in the UK) plans to re-open the vast majority of its cinemas worldwide in July – just in time for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

During a recent conference call, AMC CEO Adam Aron said (via Deadline (opens in new tab)) that there are plans to open its US and UK theatres, while “optimising the timeliness, safety and profitability of our reopenings” with a series of new measures to be put in place.

These include maintaining dialogue with governments worldwide as well as seeking expert advice on public health and safety.

Full steam ahead towards Tenet (and Mulan) in July? It’s looking more likely than ever. Warner Bros. and Disney respectively have held firm on two of the most important movie release dates (opens in new tab) in recent times, and it’s paying dividends.

With cinemas beginning to re-open in Los Angeles as early as this week and UK cinemas previously earmarked as potentially starting back up again on July 4 (we have reached out to AMC-owned Odeon for comment), the stage is set for people to return to watching movies in theatres – though with a greatly reduced capacity.

But there’s still the small matter of Universal-shaped elephant in the room. AMC had previously said they wouldn’t show any Universal films (opens in new tab) after Trolls: World Tour headed straight to digital platforms.

Aron offered a more optimistic update in regards to a resolution (via Variety (opens in new tab)), mentioning that the two companies are in “active dialogue” and that “relations are warm with Universal.” Aron added: “Relations with Universal have always been warm. There is nothing personal about this issue with Universal…this is just an issue about money.”

Like it or not, it’s happening: cinemas are soon back in business. And Tenet is first on the agenda.

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