Adam Warlock? Cap’s coffin? This Avengers 4 tease is next-level cryptic – and even Mark Ruffalo thinks its gone too far

Oh, man. I love, love, love Avengers: Endgame (opens in new tab) teases. Not only do they make the internet whip out their deerstalkers and unleash their inner-Sherlock Holmes, you can almost hear the Russo Brothers cackling in the distance as our hard detective work probably goes to waste over a complete mis-direct. That’s probably the case with this new Avengers 4 teaser. Except… maybe not. The internet has some pretty darn good theories – and Mark Ruffalo thinks the spoilers are strong with this one.

First up: the tease. The Russo Brothers have taken to Twitter to reveal that shooting is all wrapped on the movie. So far, so very straightforward. The accompanying picture, though? Yeah… about that.

#wrapped October 2018

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Any ideas? If not, you’ll be pleased to know the internet, in its infinite wisdom and straw-grasping, has a few. For one thing, there’s a suggestion it might be Adam Warlock, a tease last glimpsed in one of the 17 billion post-credits scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (opens in new tab).

I’m guessing something familiar. (P.C. GOTG 2 PCS) October 2018

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My fave – and probably most dramatic – is the idea that this is Cap’s coffin, possibly as the last shot of the movie?

Or maybe Steve Rogers’ casket? 🤔🤔🤔13 October 2018

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The rest go from the mundane (a car light) to the magical (a reference to Thanos being arrested in the comic books). Take a look at a handful of the best of the rest.

Guys it’s a driver car light from an old car …15 October 2018

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Entendí esa referencia XD October 2018

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Silver Surfer 🤔 October 2018

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Avengers 4: That Light That Only Dentists Have16 October 2018

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But leave it to the superhero of spoiling everything, Mark Ruffalo, to have to the final say. He thinks it’s far too spoilery an image to put out on social media. He’s joking. We think. Oh, who am I kidding?  They’ve got us all in the palm of their hands, no matter what. Bring. On. The. Theories.

This 👀… and you fired me for a measly slip of the title?Spoiler alert! October 2018

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This could be the biggest clue yet about the movie’s conclusion. Well, apart from the cast blabbing about the Avengers 4 ending (opens in new tab), that is.

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