Cyberpunk 2077 side quest ties back in to the original 2013 trailer

Cyberpunk 2077 has a subtle tie-in back to the original reveal trailer from 2013, but if you didn’t know any better you may have missed it.

The tie-in appears in the form of the Bullets sidequest, which is named after the music track from the reveal trailer. You can see it yourself by heading to the Jinguji clothes store just northwest of the big roundabout at the center of Night City then visiting again later on (YouTuber ESO has a helpful guide (opens in new tab) you can consult), but here’s some more detail if you want a quick rundown.

After you finish a fight against a cyberpsycho at the store, you’ll be interviewed by a MAX-TAC senior officer named Melissa Rory. It’s just a quick police interview, nothing unusual, but if you talk to her afterward you’ll quickly notice that Rory has a predilection for, um, watching people die. If your V has a high repair skill, you’ll even be able to observe that her particular mantis blades were taken off the market because they have a nasty tendency to cause cyberpsychosis.

Later, the clerk at the store will text V with some hot goss about Rory: it turns out she’s a reformed cyberpsycho who slaughtered 14 people before being apprehended, “reformed”, and pressed into service with the Psycho Squad. If you’ve seen the original trailer, that will sound very familiar – it even ends with a shot of her wearing MAX-TAC’s goggled headgear and uniform, having apparently been recruited to their ranks.

That one trailer was all we had to go on in terms of Cyberpunk 2077 info for about five years, so at one point I was pretty convinced you’d play a MAX-TAC officer yourself. It’d be like The Witcher but with unfortunate souls who were driven into murderous frenzies by poorly designed cybernetic augmentations instead of drowners. I think it worked out better this way, but it’s still cool to link back up with the first Cyberpunk 2077 character we ever met after all this time.

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