YOU! Join the GamesRadar clan in Destiny today!

So, there’s this new thing called Destiny (opens in new tab) that one or two of your friends might be playing. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, all joking aside, we’ve decided to set up a Clan within the game. You can join the clan and play Destiny with other GamesRadar readers and staff, sharing adventures and boasting about loot to like-minded folk. There are discussion boards, polls to vote in, and you’ll get a neat little GamesRadar Clan insignia on your profile. Bungie is yet to fully unlock all the game’s community features, but at the moment you can form alliances with other clans and create large super-groups. So enlist today and meet some great people to play Destiny with.

To sign up, just follow THIS LINK (opens in new tab). Don’t forget to ‘Set as PlayStation Clan’ or ‘Set as Xbox Clan’ when you join!

Get involved, and watch out for GamesRadar’s FULL Destiny review (opens in new tab), which goes live on Friday 19 September.

Looking for help with the game? Then head on over to our Destiny Walkthrough (opens in new tab) for a complete set of guides.

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