Sony remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer

Sony is set to plunder the ‘90s for its next horror remake, with the studio set to breathe new life into slasher caper I Know What You Did Last Summer .

Written by Scream scribe Kevin Williamson, the original was part of the late-‘90s boom in teen slasher movies, bringing in $125 million at the box office and spawning a suitably half-baked sequel.

The story focuses on a group of teens who find themselves stalked by the hook-wielding figure they hit with a car and left for dead during a drunken night out.

According to the report, Oculus director Mike Flanagan will write and produce the remake, although it is unclear whether he will also be occupying the director’s chair.

Sony is thought to be planning this one as a low-budget venture in the vein of Oculus (which only cost $12 million), with the aim being to have it ready for a 2016 release date.

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