XBLA users report unauthorized purchases, hackers leave FIFA achievements to mark their crime

An unwelcome reminder of 2011’s PSN attacks came for a number of Xbox Live users this weekend, as multiple reports concerning compromised account details, unauthorized purchases, and transfers surface. Reports from affected users suggest the attacks follow a fairly recognizable pattern, but if you’re an XBLA user with credit card details stored on the service, your first stop should be to check the email address tied to your account.

The breach differs from the attacks of earlier this year, as those incidences were characterized by the release of data rather than the exploitation of hacked credit card details. This time, hackers have been purchasing Xbox Live Gold time and MS Points then transferring them out of the afflicted accounts, report users on NeoGAFand Reddit. In many (but not all) cases, the attacks have also involved intruders playing and unlocking achievements on FIFA 11 or 12 to mark their presence.

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Ars Technica has Microsoft denying that the XBLA service has been compromised, though the company acknowledges it’s working with a “limited number” of users to resolve data breaches and unauthorized activity. If you think your account may have been compromised, Microsoft recommends visiting the XBLA account security page (opens in new tab).

Oct 17, 2011

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