Wolfenstein: Youngblood release date and radical new trailer are here

The Wolfenstein: Youngblood release date is official, and this summer will prove that the only thing better than a Blazkowicz at killing Nazis is two Blazkowiczes. Youngblood will arrive on July 26, 2019 for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Though the co-op centric game will offer an AI-controlled companion option for players who prefer to go it alone, publisher Bethesda also announced plans for a handy way for friends to play together with only one purchase (no, it isn’t couch co-op).

People who purchase Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition for $39.99 (UK prices TBA) will get a Buddy Pass, which sounds like something you’d use on AOL Instant Messenger but is actually a way to invite a friend to play with you for free. Deluxe Edition owners can bestow their Buddy Pass on any one person at a time, and that person is free to install Youngblood and play through the entire game with their pass-giver. If they want to play on their own or with anybody else they’ll need to pay up to upgrade their copy into a full version – the standard game runs for $29.99 by itself.

The Deluxe Edition will also give you some in-game goodies like the Cyborg Skin Pack, which makes your Power Suit and Weapons look all shiny and titanium. Pre-ordering any edition of the game will get you even more in-game cosmetic goodies, including BJ’s sweet yellow jacket from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Pre-order bonuses are of course the traditional way for parents to pass down prized possessions to their kids in this alternate history ’80s.

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