Watch Henry Cavill geek out about Witcher swords

Netflix has revealed a promotional video with Henry Cavill discussing interesting facts behind the swords in The Witcher (opens in new tab) series. It’s evident from the passion in Cavill’s voice and his knowledge of the lore that the actor is enjoying his time in Geralt’s shoes.

Cavill first goes into the steel sword he uses throughout the majority of The Witcher’s first season, which is actually made of meteorite. “It’s made from meteorite, which is stronger and more durable than steel,” Cavill gushes about his sword.

He then transitions into the steel sword he uses against “the monsters of a magical nature that require something a little more special,” a silver sword. Apparently, the silver used to form the blade is too fragile for general use, but is nonetheless “deadly” against magical monsters. Of course, Cavill says, true power lies not in the sword itself but the witcher who wields it.

“If you were to give this sword to an ordinary person, it is just a deadly and sharp weapon. But in the hands of a witcher, it can change destiny,” Cavill prophesizes. The actor even had the hilt of his sword redesigned to angle downward so he could easily flick it around with a turn of his wrist.

Fortunately for all involved, the real swords you see being swung around Cavill’s beautifully-crafted jawline aren’t made of real silver or meteorite, but instead rubber and other lightweight materials.

And despite his perfectly-symmetrical face, sculpted shoulders, and seductive speaking voice, Cavill comes across a genuine enthusiast in the most refreshing way. Give it a watch and be prepared to channel your inner witcher, as Cavill’s passion for swords is infectious.

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