Watch an entire Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 150 v 150 battle on Xbox One X

Typically in the best Assassin’s Creed games (opens in new tab) you take on one, maybe a handful of targets at a time. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (opens in new tab) is changing all that. Now to help fight the Athenian Empire on behalf of Sparta, you have to take part in Conquest battles: giant, 150 v 150 fights where the goal is to take down as many enemy soldiers as possible. You can see one in action above when you’re playing as the mercenary Kassandra, who’s fighting to free the islands of Delos and Mykonos from the grip of the Athenian leader Podarkes. 

During the battle the meter at the top of the screen shows how many soldiers are left on the field for each side. Do a good job at killing Athenian soldiers, and their blue meter will decrease with every enemy you kill. Red is the Spartan side, and you want that to stay as high as possible or you’ll find yourself in the middle of a very tricky fight. As if seeing hordes of soldiers fighting to the death mere metres away from you wasn’t enough, you’ll be given captains and heroes to take on to keep things interesting (or incredibly deadly, depending on how you see fighting to the death). Heroes are even stronger than Captains and act as mini-bosses, so sending them to Hades takes a major chunk out of the blue meter at the top. 

With all those enemies around, it’s not a case of picking and choosing which soldiers to face – icons will pop up above the heads of the Athenians that you should target so you don’t find yourself running around looking for soldiers to stab. During the conquest battle your adrenaline meter at the bottom will come in handy, as with each segment you use not only will you deliver a devastatingly-powerful attack, but you’ll also heal yourself at the same time. When the enemy side gets weak enough the remaining hostile soldiers will flee, granting you a glorious victory. Depending on how well you do, a bucketful of XP and rare resources will be thrown your way. Plus you’ll get to see a rundown of just how many you killed which is pretty damn satisfying if you ask me. Hail Zeus!

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