Where to find Warzone bunkers and Research Labs in Season 2

Warzone bunkers and Research Labs have been discovered across Caldera as part of Season 2. These Axis facilities were set up to continue studying Nebula V gas, meaning they contain plenty of applications of the gas, including bullets, bombs, and decontamination stations. Storming one of these Warzone lab bunkers can get you some decent Call of Duty Warzone loot that might help you turn the tide of battle later on, so they’re worth a look if you can find them. Here’s what you need to know about Warzone bunkers in Season 2 and where you can find them.

What are the Warzone bunkers in Season 2?

Warzone pacific season 2 research lab bunkers pds loot

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Warzone Season 2 bunkers have been uncovered on Caldera and they’re marked with drawn-on yellow circles on the Tac Map. Accessing any of the seven secret Research Labs through the ground level hatches will allow players to get some decent loot and a high chance of finding some of the new items, including the Warzone PDS and Warzone Nebula Rounds Field Upgrade for their gun.

Be aware that these Research Lab bunkers are staffed by AI Axis troops. They don’t pose a huge threat but do have a lot of body armor – it’s definitely best to bring them down as soon as possible. Also, each bunker lab has only one way in and out, allowing enemy teams to easily ambush you and block your exit. When leaving a bunker, make sure you and your squadmates have a good exit strategy and stick together. Beware of any camping teams that might be waiting outside or inside the bunker lab too.

Warzone bunker locations in Season 2

Warzone pacific season 2 research lab bunkers map locations

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  1. Southeast of Lagoon in C6: Close to the water’s edge near the cluster of huts in the water.
  2. West of Mines in D3: On top of the hill and near a small water pool just west of the large Mines road.
  3. Near Power Plant in E8: The hatch is inside a cave behind a waterfall near Power Plant.
  4. South of Docks in F1: In a dirt area very near three metal troop barracks.
  5. North side of Fields in F5: Behind two silos near the big building with a blue roof.
  6. North of Resort in H7: On a small hill near the tall, yellow and red tower.
  7. Southwest of Runway in I2: Behind a door on the ground floor of the large, U-shaped building in this area. This building is actually the same one as in the Nacht der Untoten Call of Duty: World at War Zombies map.

Each of the yellow circles on the map represents the area of where you can find one Warzone underground Research Lab bunker. When on the ground, you’re looking for a large concrete hatch that is already open, allowing you to climb down using the ladder to access the Research Lab interior. 

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